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Sep 23, 2019

In this episode of Nayri Unveiled special guest, Andrea Eppolito talks about how she began her dream career and how she continues to redefine what it means to get married in Las Vegas and beyond! Andrea talks about all the details that matter when it comes to planning your wedding, how important vendor relationships are and so much more!

Andrea Eppolito has dedicated her life to the art of wedding and event planning.

With a deep belief that every love story deserves to be told, Andrea works with 6 – 8 clients each year, designing opulent weddings and private affairs that entice the senses, turning a moment into a memory. Additionally, Andrea works with corporate events to produce galas, sales events, and product launches.

The goal, always, is to create extraordinary events for extraordinary people.

A lover of education and with a deep belief in community over competition, Andrea is a sought after educator and keynote speaker. She travels throughout the world presenting on a number of topics and is the founder of an online educational series, including The Business Blueprint for Wedding Planners and the Wedding Planner Masterclass. Her widely anticipated first book will be out in the fall, and Andrea continues to communicate through her podcast and YouTube Channels..

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